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Topsy Farms wool comes from a well-cared for flock of over 1100 breeding sheep that are protected from predators by large white guardian dogs and a predator resistant fence around the home farm. Developed through careful breeding, the flock grazes on tree-shaded pastures of Amherst Island at the eastern end of Lake Ontario.

Topsy is a cooperative family farm. Those who work and live here deeply care about and respect the environment they live in. The sheep are raised as naturally as possible. No growth hormones are used. Their own rhythms are followed, birthing in spring following the directions of their bodies, not the dictates of the market. No pesticides are broadcast on our land.

Following the lead of those who farmed here before us, we maintain wide hedgerows and use selective cutting practises in our wood lot. We have planted several new hedgerows and plan to add more in years to come.

The abundance of field mushrooms in years when there is enough rain indicates that our land is slowly increasing in organic matter. This is a sign of good stewardship, as the original soil is very thin.

We have four homes and four gardens. They provide fruit, herbs and vegetables for us and our friends, and occasionally for barter. They also provide a feast for the eyes and for the masses of birds and clouds of butterflies that temporarily call our place home as our environment improves. We’ve planted hedgerows and yards to attract and nourish them – we even have a certificate as a “Monarch Butterfly Way Station”.

We participate in many community activities designed to foster an understanding of the relationship between animals, people and the land. We’ve hosted schools, 4-H members, home school families, special learning groups, and visitors from Tyendinaga Mohawk Reserve. We’ve also hosted workshops for professors and graduate students from the Environmental Studies program at Queen’s University, Kingston.

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