Wool Shed

Photo by Meghan Balogh

The Wool Shed is our farm retail outlet where all the products listed in “Shopping”, hypoallergenic wool bedding – blankets, throws, comforters, pillows, mattress pads – are to be found.  We also have washed wool, webbing, pencil roving, yarn, and lots of creative felted, thrummed and knitted items.  You can find our ethically produced sheepskins and lambskins and items made from them too.

When you visit Topsy Farms in person, as a customer at the Wool Shed you receive a 13% discount; we pay the sales tax.

There is a doorbell at the Wool Shed that rings in the house. If we are home, (and awake) we are open.

It is worth the drive to find us.  Amherst Island is a beautiful place to visit – it retains a definite rural character that is becoming increasingly rare. It is not necessary to make an appointment but we do recommend you contact us. We are a working farm and although we try, we cannot have someone at the Wool Shed all the time.

The building was originally used as a milk house where our predecessors kept their cans of milk until they were delivered to the local cheese factory (long gone). The milk was kept cool by ice cut from the lake, and stored in sawdust insulated layers.

When we bought the farm in 1971, the building had been relegated to storage. We used it as a farm shop, a place where we made candles and, briefly, a place where we turned tin cans into candle-holders. Eventually our farm equipment outgrew the building, a new shop was built, and the shed once again was used for storage as well as a shelter for our ATVs.

The shed’s next job was to be home to Kyle’s band for his high-school years. When he moved on, its next incarnation was to become an outlet for our growing wool business.

Pine siding from our own trees  cover the outside. The inside was renovated: fresh paint (it took lots of coats to cover the band’s “decorations”), bright lights, laminated flooring, shelving etc. The interior was designed and built by our family.

We are proud of our Wool Shed. It is a cozy shop where you can feel and see the products first hand.  We offer a wide selection of hand-crafted items that are not on the web-site – hats of various styles and colours, thrum products, felted products, hand-knit socks, purses, and wool dryer balls.  All of the items listed in “Start Shopping” are here too.

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