Dogs at Topsy Farms


Pasture-raised lambs are herded by our Border Collie, Belle

Belle, our Border Collie

Our Border Collie Belle, helps herd ewes and lambs to fresh pasture. Lambs are birthed directly on pasture, and are raised with the ewes outdoors where they are healthy and safe. The seasonally sold lamb is clean and healthy and tastes wonderful.


Trixi, an Akbash Guardian Dog, ensures the calm safety of the flock.

Trixi, escorting the flock

Trixi, an Akbash born on the farm, ensures the safety of the flock. She works as part of a team to enable the ewes and lambs to follow natural rhythms of animals and seasons, outdoors all year, safely. Lamb raised in this manner ensures top quality and flavour.

Akbash Pups

Topsy Farms guardian dogs, Akbash pups

Trixi birthed these three adorable pups at our farm.

Trixi successfully raised her three Akbash pups at our farm. They were introduced to the sheep very early, with people permitted to fondle but not too often. We wanted them to bond with the flock more than with people. We found other homes for those we couldn’t accommodate. Blackie, one of our guardian dogs, is one of these pups. The guardian dogs protect the flock from possible predators, allowing them to thrive on pasture all year. The pasture-raised lamb is delicious, as the animal were raised outdoors, safe and content.


Marcus, alert and watchful, with peaceful sheep

Marcus, alert and watchful, with peaceful sheep

Marcus is a big softie with people – our largest dog. He emphatically does not like coyotes. He works with the team of guardian dogs to ensure the calm peaceful safety of our flock. Pasture-raised lamb is delicious, raised naturally with environmentally sound methods.


Blackie, Akbash Guard Dog

Blackie, birthed here, is our youngest Guardian Dog.

Blackie is our youngest guardian dog, born here on the farm. He is affectionate to our shepherds. He joins the team of guardian dogs, mainly Akbash, who ensure a safe calm environment for our flock. Our flock lives outdoors all year (with shelter always available), following the rhythms of the seasons naturally. The ewes birth on pasture and the lambs live a calm healthy life. This ensures quality lamb, available seasonally, from Topsy Farms.


Leo protects our sheep flock

Leo, leading newly shorn sheep to pasture

Leo protects our lambs, raised on pature naturally. They trust guardians dogs like Leo to make their lives safe from coyotes and other predators. Leo is a steady reliable Akbash. He protects the flock from predators, enabling the lambs to grow with contented calm. We sell the lamb seasonally, following natural rhythms of seasons and animals, ensuring top quality meat.


Pollux, a Maremma, protects the ewes and lambs

Pollux, protecting the flock


Pollux is our only Maremma Guardian Dog. The breed originates in Italy. They are very similar to our Akabash dogs, but have longer coats. Pollux is our elder statesman, and is largely retired, though he stays with the flock and the team of dogs, protecting the sheep. They provide peace and safety for our pasture-raised lambs. Lamb produced naturally has high quality and flavour. Ours is available seasonally.