Veronica, Picton, June, 2015

Meredith, Megan, Jack and I want to thank you so much for your wonderful sharing of time and knowledge this morning. The girls were so thrilled with the experience and will remember this day forever I am sure. Megan…the younger one could not stop talking about it and Meredith a typical ‘cool’ teenager thought it was the best thing ever! We were thoroughly charmed by your beautiful spot on Amherst island and particularly your welcoming way…
We lunched on the rocks at the bird sanctuary and then befriended the bulls in the nearby field.

It was a day to remember! I will be telling all my friends about Topsy Farm as a fabulous grandchild destination!

Meredith and Megan, Littlefoot and Wee Lassie

Meredith and Megan, Littlefoot and Wee Lassie

Bill, BC, June, 2015

Thanks for staying in touch! The throws are on couches and are used daily – blankets on the beds – and blankets in the tent when camping; could not be more pleased!!

Fabulous stuff this wool is!


Chantal, Ottawa,May, 2015

Thank you for welcoming us to your beautiful slice of land on Amherst Island. It was wonderful, inspiring and enriching.
Also, thank you for being so genuinely open, kind and intuitive with our four small children. I’m thinking back of you sitting with them on the lawn answering the many questions that popped into their curious minds. This was definitely a most memorable field trip.
We are cuddling up with our gorgeous new wool blanket and feeling so grateful.
The three year old would like me to tell you “meg wich”!
Thank you for doing what you do and sharing your passion…

Barb, Alberta, April, 2015

I believe that any animal product I use must come from an animal that is treated with respect and honor and your farm is exemplary! Your communication is personal I feel like I am talking to my neighbor just down a province or two. Your farm is truly a Canadian gem!

Cheers look forward to receiving the products of your passion and would love to help out with a review.


Lise, Kingston, ON, March, 2015

I just returned from a week in Yellowknife for my nephew’s wedding. I had a great time (skiing, dog-sledding, listening to an ice concert in an ice castle, seeing the Northern Lights in the middle of the night) most of this at -20 or lower. I was glad I had my toasty warm felted cloche. Thanks!

Warm felted wool Topsy cloche

Topsy Farms cloche keeping ears warm at -20 in Yellowknife

Mary, Nanaimo, BC, March, 2015

I just received my three blanket order and am very pleased with the quality and prompt delivery.

Thank you very much!

Ruthann, Kitchener, ON, February, 2015

I look forward to receiving them (sheepskin mitts) as they are the only thing that keeps my hands warm. Unfortunately my last pair were eaten by a dog we were dog sitting so I appreciate the reduction in mailing costs. Hopefully we can make it to the island again this summer … If we do we will most definitely come visit your farm.

Syd and Cathy, Allenford, ON, February, 2015

We just got our latest queen blanket and we love it. (We have one of your throws and would like to get another matching throw.) We are also looking to purchase two or three more queens as birthdays come around. Thank you so much!

Claire, London, ON, February, 2015

I was delighted by your yarn! I knit three hats and a head-band for Christmas gifts and I made this one for myself out of the leftover wool. Knitting is only a winter activity for me, but I’m looking forward to getting more of your yarn when the knitting bug strikes again in the fall! hat of leftovers by Claire (640x427)Richard, Milton, ON, February, 2015

Our new blanket was a huge hit and is permanently on our main bed as an extra cover-up for this bitterly cold winter. I am really impressed by the subtle colouration of the green tweed. It makes it look very traditional and reminds me of blankets my grandmother had, making it an instant heirloom to be used and enjoyed for generations to come.
An added bonus is the washing liquid. The blanket does not need it yet but I did a number of small items — hats and wool scarves — and was delighted by how easy it is and how well it restores the original lanolin feel to the wool.
I do hope to see your place one day and you will always be in mind for “special” gifts for people.

Bill, Sherwood Park, Alberta, February, 2015

Wool Wow   I just want to say thank you, Sally & Ian for having such wonderful products from the farm. The blankets and throws are perfect for our needs: warm, soft, cosy and very well-liked by all. We will enjoy them for a long, long time!

Tara, Gananoque, ON, January, 2015I’m just about to fall in to bed but couldn’t without letting you know I got the mukluks and they are just wonderful! They are so comfy and warm and I love the colour combo. Knowing that they were made by hand with local wool makes them even more beautiful. I’ve never had slippers that I loved wearing barefoot so much! I normally wear socks within my slippers but this is bliss 🙂

Thank you so much

Glenn, Kelowna, BC, January, 2015

My blanket came today, opened it up and wow! I have it on the couch now, it’s amazing how big it is and how good it looks! Can’t wait to show my girlfriend. My mum wants a blanket as well now …

Syd and Cathy, Allenford, ON, January, 2015

We love our new throw!
Our intention is to purchase three queen blankets for our kids in the future.
Many thanks for the container of wool wash too!

grey and white chequerboard throw on day bed

chequerboard throw on day bed

Jenna, Kingston, January, 2015

It is so obvious that you are working with a product that is really natural–you can see it, you can smell it, you can feel it, sometimes you even find the odd bit of barn in there! Since we try to support local it’s nice to be able to use yarn made close to home–there is very little that is local in yarn stores and they are typically much more heavily processed. My dad is an islander and the island is a very special place for me, so using this yarn really imbues the knitting process with meaning. Now I just have to cross my fingers that these don’t get thrown in the dryer by mistake and get all felted up!

dark grey socks with natural white heels and toes, modelled

Socks created by Jenna with Topsy yarn

Tracey, Colorado, January 2015

Here is a picture of one of your sheepskins (which I love) that made it all the way to Colorado with me. My partner loves how it keeps his feet warm when changing in the morning.

Sheepskin on bedroom floor

Sheepskin to warm toes

Bill, Alberta, January, 2015

Picked up the blankets at the post office about an hour ago, they are, well what can I say: Fabulous !! I went out on a limb by ordering from so far away, but absolutely no regrets.

My wife was worried that they would itch, I do not know if I will get to use them – she loves them already! They appear to be extremely well made, and I could not be happier. I am sure they will keep us warm during the cold Alberta winter nights.

The service from Topsy is wonderful.

(Then Bill placed an order for 4 more blankets and 2 throws.)

Paul, Kingston, ON, December, 2014

Yesterday I grilled a leg of your lamb, deboned, on my Webber charcoal bbq. I pulled it showing 155 degrees internal, and stood it for 20 mins or so. The rare piece was wrapped and skewered inside the butterfly underneath it.
Marinaded 8 hrs with olive oil, garlic, dried oregano, fresh rosemary, fresh ground pepper and coarse sea salt. Grilled off-heat at about 425 deg maybe an hour and a half.
When I sliced it, it looked like something out of a foody magazine. Now, in all honesty, I’m pretty good on this grill, however, all credit has to go to your lamb- the most exquisite meat I have truly ever tasted. My son cut his with his fork. My English ma was speechless (that in itself says a lot). I could not believe how good this was, and what a treat it was to prepare and cook something so delicious at Christmas.
I look forward to many other dishes with your amazing lamb.

Jen, Kingston, ON, December, 2014

I bought a black and gray cloche and am LOVING it and wanted to let you know that I have received multiple compliments on it (5 and counting) in the short time I have been wearing it daily and am happy to tell them I bought it from you and your farm.

Allan, Toronto, ON, December, 2014

Well as it turns out there were NINE ribs in the (rack) roast… And it was fantastic. Unbelievable.

Alysha, Bancroft ON, December, 2014

Just cooked our first leg of lamb. It was absolutely perfect -a tender and delicious texture. You guys really know what you’re doing.
Sally – I used Jamie Oliver’s recipe (mostly, I rarely follow recipe perfectly). My English-Canadian in-laws are 2.5 days home from a month in China and were absolutely delighted by it. It was more than big enough for 5, so now I’m sitting down to find a leftover lamb stew recipe. I’m one happy Mama when I get 2 meals out of one cooking event! 🙂
Alysha Dominico
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Skype. Alysha.Dominico

Jan, Chicago, U.S.A., December, 2014

This year, I took my synthetic down comforter out of the closet to put on my bed for winter and noticed a terrible smell coming from it. My comforter was off-gassing STILL after almost 10 years of use. I decided it was time to look for a natural alternative. I had read about wool and knew that it is naturally flame retardant and that it keeps your body comfortable throughout the night and does not overheat you. I searched for weeks to find an online store to purchase a wool blanket from that would be free of chemicals and dyes. I finally found the website for Topsy Farms, located in Ontario, Canada! When I called to ask about their blankets, the owners could not have been more pleasant and helpful. I ordered 2 queen sized blankets and much to my surprise, they were at my door within days of placing the order. The blankets are gorgeous! I ordered natural tweed and natural with a gray stripe. My son took the tweed blanket and has been sleeping much more comfortably with it on his bed. My husband and I have the natural blanket and can feel the difference wool makes—no more sweating at night.

I don’t always take the time to endorse the people and products that I enjoy, but I feel it is important to support the people at Topsy Farms. They are hard-working, honest people who deliver a beautiful natural blanket without the chemicals. I would highly recommend their natural wool blankets for a wonderful night’s sleep! Signed, Jan in Chicago

Janet, ON, December, 2014

Just wanted to let you know that the correct size sheepskin mittens arrived in today’s post along with the shipping refund of $12. The mittens are perfect.

Thank you for the prompt turnaround service and appreciate your refunding the original shipping charge. I will be happy to recommend you to others looking for a similar item

Janet, Vancouver, BC, November, 2014

I love my new slippers (aka mukluks)! They are SO comfy! How is the wool part made? It’s not like it’s knit, so what’s the process? The footie part is so soft and lovely….I’m just sitting here watching TV and wiggling my toes and totally enjoying them…they’re warm but not hot, which is the best, as my feel are already warm all the time, but they are very happy.Open-mouthed smile

Jean and Ray, Bath, ON, November, 2014

As former farmers we know how much work goes into a great piece of meat. Your lamb is tender, succulent, and flavourful. Perfect.

Janet, Ottawa, ON, November, 2014

I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the cozy mattress pad, duvet, and pillow. I’m now all set for whatever ‘Old Man Winter’ decides to dish out to us all!

Meredith, October, 2014

(Meredith placed an order for a wedding gift to be sent to the US, requesting we include farm-based info. We sent a brief history, a sheep photo, a wood cedar chip and a brochure linking to our Topsy website and she responded: “I was looking for a wool blanket for my cousin’s wedding and originally was going to give her a Hudson Bay blanket, but they don’t ship to the US. So, I found you through a Google search and I think I wound up making the better choice.” (The Bay no longer makes their blankets in Canada.)
Cheers, Meredith

Lauren, July, 2014

I just wanted to let you know that I got my throws yesterday, they are really lovely and I can feel the oil in them which is so good. The natural colours are just right for me. My new throws look wonderful with the natural coloured linen bedding.

Thanks to Sally and Ian for all the email and phone help. Regards, Lauren

Kathryn, Ottawa, ON, March, 2013
Happy to report that I have a pair of mittens from you folks that I’ve worn since I left Queen’s, and I still love them.

Now living in Ottawa, I’d love one of your sheep skin rugs for our spare bedroom to coordinate with a gray sofa bed. Do you have one that has some gray in it available?

Marie-Emmanuelle, Québec, 2013

J’ai passé 4h à dormir avec mon petit garçon dans son lit sous sa nouvelle couette de laine la nuit dernière: quel confort! Wow! Je suis vraiment agréablement surprise, et je crois que ça valait l’investissement! Je vais commencer à mettre mes sous de côté pour en acheter une pour mon mari et moi! *** I spent 4hrs sleeping with my toddler in his bed under his new wool comforter last night. Amazing comfort! I’m really surprised of the difference it makes. I believe it was well worth the investment. I’ll start now to save money so I can next buy one for my husband and me!

Janet, Fenlon Falls, ON, February, 2013
Just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying the lamb.  The sausage is to die for, and tomorrow we’re having burgers with pine nuts, herbs and blue cheese…and the dogs are LOVING the organ meat.

Louise, Québec, QC, August, 2012
Bonjour, Sally,  Le foulard est magnifique et je suis très contente. Je vous remercie de tout cœur. Soyez assurer que j’ai beaucoup de plaisir à porter mon chapeau et mon foulard.

Au plaisir de vous revoir l’été prochain!

Natalie, Guelph, ON, February, 2012
I was blessing you this morning after (another!) wonderful sleep, which I FIRMLY attribute to your WOOL! Larry feels it too!

Jean and Paul Krepps, Bath, ON, March, 2012
 “Hi Sally, I’m just cooking up the 1st packet of chops from this year’s half lamb order, & I  can’t remember if we ever  told you how very much we enjoy the half lamb that we had from Topsy Farms last year & this year, it’s the best lamb we’ve ever tasted, far far superior to the New Zealand lamb we used to buy in the grocery store.  And we’re very happy with how it’s all portioned & wrapped for 2 people.”
Audrey Hadfield, November, 2011
  “Jennifer and I so enjoyed our visit to your … delightful little store to buy woollen hats and gloves, and choosing wool from amongst the glorious colours to do our own knitting. And we were so lucky to see the sheep being herded! Topsy Farms is a unique gem of a place and you are such a gracious host! A day to remember and treasure.”
Annie, Cantons de l’est, QC, novembre, 2011
  “Bonjour Sally, J’ai reçu aujourd’hui un trésor. Votre laine est tellement belle. Je ne sais pas par quel couleur commencer…..”
Sylvia, Peticodiac, NB, October, 2011
  “What I love about your sheep farm operation… is the wonderful interaction between all of the family, especially in that it includes the children from such early ages. They will grow up with these wonderful instincts of knowing exactly what to do in each situation … Call it “common sense.” Talk about a “family farm”––… it definitely is priceless.”
Jane McCulloch, August, 2011
  “The (mattress) pad must have arrived shortly after our email exchange. We were at the cottage and very pleased to find the package on our return to the city. Great service!”
Pat, July, 2011
  “Ian… showed four adults and three of the children some highlights of your sheep business. We enjoyed our visit to the field and then the shop. My granddaughter found a pair of thrummed mittens and her Mom found a hat to match for Aurora as well as hats for her other two young daughters. My son chose a skein of yarn for socks as did my daughter. I’ll be busy this winter. Your felted hats are beautiful and very creative. Thanks.”
Mike, July, 2011
We were blown away that … you opened up The Wool Shed for us tardy Torontonians, showing up 2 hours after closing. We truly enjoyed … learning more about my favourite “miracle fabric of nature”. Thank you for the gift of the Eucalan. You know we will take good care of the sheepskin, the lambskin and my favourite type of blanket… very classic style. Thanks also for the peas, we ate them on the ferry. They were sweet and they did tide us over till we got to Kingston. Thank you for the story of the new lambs of spring. “
Gardner McBride, Summer, 2011
   “[In Boston, my] Audi A4 was missing along with everything in it including passport, computer and Blackberry. .. the Boston Police discovered the vehicle abandoned… the obvious additional thing missing was the two Topsy Farms sheepskins that covered the front seat. Apparently the thieves thought the sheepskins were more valuable than the car!”
The Hadley’s, March, 2011
  “Mabel … loves her lambskin, so thanks to you for producing it and of course Larry for providing it. “Hadley photo of Mabel Carpenter
Kate Parkinson, Kingston, ON, Summer, 2010
  ” I love using Topsy Farms wool – the skeins are very generous – you only need 8 skeins to make a man’s sweater – it knits up so smoothly and consistently – the finished product is very professional looking holding it’s shape wear after wear! (It) comes in wonderful colours – I especially like the heathers.”
Judy Durocher, June, 2010
  “I’m very pleased with the blanket that I bought and I know that my niece and soon to be husband will love it and make use of it for many years to come. Also thank you for going the extra step by taking us to the barn to find the just the right blanket. It was very interesting to see where the shearing is done and how the fleece is stored until you need it. It would be amazing to watch the whole process during shearing time.”
Elaine Nelson, Kingston June, 2010
  “..after some weeks of using our new pillows…I’m totally happy to report that both Peter and I find them perfect – and we did from restful night #1. We’ll no doubt be in touch for some others at some point. “

Helen and Marcus Mendes, BC, Fall, 2009    ” … how very happy we are with the wool blankets we ordered …over three years ago…. we have pulled our blankets out from their summer plastic bag storage (and)… have begun washing them with Eucalan in our washer and partially drying them in our drying on ‘synthetic damp dry’ setting. They are coming out beautifully fluffy and soft on the skin, smelling lovely and clean lovely wooly lanolin. And they are finished so beautifully. We truly love them. They are one of the best purchases we’ve made to increase the comfort we enjoy in our home. Thank you for such a pleasing product at such a reasonable price (including shipping!) and for taking care of the land and the animals in a humble and respectful way.

Gardner McBride, October, 2006 “I set out for a Sunday adventure to find a warm woolen blanket and ended up buying a full bedding system from Ian. Not only did I find a warm blanket but my heart was warmed as well by the generous hospitality you all showed me. The willingness of each of you to share your time with a wandering American working in Canada is appreciated. It was an extraordinary day.  I had the best night’s sleep in my bed ever using your system. Congratulations on great products!”