Adopt a Lamb

Would your family like to adopt a lamb? We are accepting a limited number of adoptions in winter, although the lambs won’t be born until spring.

For $65 you can be a (virtual) foster lamb parent

The lamb will be born mid-May through early June. You will:

  • Receive a birth announcement
  • Name the lamb – we’ll use your chosen name from then on
  • Receive a photo of the lamb so you could find yours in a group
  • Learn all we know of its birthing history and reasons for needing to be fostered
  • Be encouraged to come to the farm to help cuddle and bottle-feed during the time that it is here
  • Learn about health care and needs of small lambs

After a week or so, most lambs ‘graduate’ to small farms where they join small free-range flocks.
• You’ll get a report of your lamb’s progress as it learns to become a sheep.

The males will live on pasture in their new homes for the summer then will go to market;  the females will stay with the flock, bearing babies of their own for years to come.

By registering and paying, you will be on a ‘first come first served’ priority list to adopt. If you wish, contact us at

Please note you do NOT take your lamb home.

People who don’t want to adopt can reserve a time to visit.  Subscribe to the mailing list for Family Events on any page of our website to learn of further Events.


Adopt a Lamb

If you adopt a foster lamb, you will help a caring, busy sheep farm nurture the most vulnerable to enable them to survive.