Book your farm visit – Nurture Baby Lambs

May 14 – June 5 we invite visitors to nurture baby lambs – to cuddle & bottle feed.

Things to know before your visit:

    • The ferry leaves the mainland hourly on the half hour and from the Island on the hour. The ferry fee for a carload is $9 (round trip). Car pool parking on the mainland is available. The boat leaving on the half hour gets you to the farm in plenty of time for an appointment starting at quarter after the hour.
    • Please use the washrooms on the ferry
    • The $15 farm visit fee is per vehicle.
    • Large groups (10+ people) please book 2 time periods. Sorry, but smaller groups are limited to 15 minutes during weekends. The time period shows a 1 – that means one group of up to 8 people.
    • People with special needs are welcome.  Please contact us with details prior to your visit. or 613 389-3444.
    • If you need to cancel your visit please let us know as soon you know.
    • Please be aware that all farm animals everywhere might carry microorganisms that could be transmitted to people.
    • We ask you to observe general health prevention habits: after touching our lambs do not allow children to put hands near faces or in mouths, or anyone to eat or drink before thoroughly washing hands. We will have hand sanitizers available.
      Anyone with extreme medical vulnerabilities, or with possible pregnancies are advised to observe the lambs but not to hold them.
Nurture Baby LambsOnce you’re at the farm:

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