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Know babies with sleep issues? We do. We’ve been there. We’ve found a way to help babies with sleep issues.

Babies with sleep issues

Mable’s skin feels good on her lambskin

So often the restless sleeps of babies result from discomfort, inside and out.

One reason is that there are usually so many plastic and rubber and other artificial fibres in a baby’s world. Those materials inhibit temperature regulation, and natural circulation. Anyone who has worn a nylon shirt in the heat, then changed to a cotton one, understands this.

Artificial materials, often petroleum byproduct derivatives, may also be a source of allergens.

Lambskins and sheepskins are hypoallergenic.

Babies with sleep issues

Nico sits propped up in his baby seat

The natural fibres of lamb and sheepskins help the skin breathe.

Wool traps air and has a lofty, supportive resilience, helping babies with sleep issues.

Our grandson would sleep but not deeply, startling awake easily. His mom started using one of our lambskins and noticed an almost immediate difference in his deeper, more relaxed sleep. On the occasional night when the lambskin was missing – air drying after washing – the baby’s sleep was noticeably worse.

Babies with sleep issues

Nico’s first daytime nap on his lambskin

One friend and good customer wrote: “Nico is now 6 months and has just started to nap regularly. For the first few months the collicky and incredibly light-sleeping redhead would only sleep during the day while we wore him.

Recently I have started to be able to put him down while he slept…but only if it’s on the sheepskin or lambskin. I think it’s because it’s so soft and warm that he won’t be startled when his head or cheek lays on it.”

Lambskins are easy to move to strollers, car seats, or to visit Nana, taking familiar comfort with a mobile child.

Babies with sleep issues

Sonya’s black lambskin fits her stroller perfectly

An important factor for new parents is that Topsy Farms lambskins and sheepskins are entirely washable – if you follow our instructions. Just soaking in Eucalan in a washing machine, skipping the rinse, spinning, then air drying actually nourishes the fibres, softening the leather and increasing the comfort.

Babies with sleep issues

Nico naps soundly on a sheepskin




We wish we’d had Topsy Farms lambskins when our kids were little.

Canadian Medical Sheepskins help Prevent Bedsores

Bedsores can be caused by poor circulation. They can be a grave problem for people who are required to sit or lie in one position for long periods of time. The suffering of someone not fully mobile can be increased by bedsores, friction irritation, chilling and sweating. There is a solution.

Topsy Farms’ Canadian Medical Sheepskins help prevent bedsores, and promote their healing.

Canadian medical sheepskins can significantly ease the discomfort of pressure friction.  The wool has been trimmed so that the short wool staple stands upright, providing more dense support. These Canadian skins have come from Ontario farms, and have been processed in a small Ontario town to be soft and supple yet sturdy.

They are available on-line or if you come to the Wool Shed at the farm .

White Trimmed Medical Sheepskin

Canadian Medical Sheepskins prevent bedsores

Wool has a natural resilience. It contains masses of tiny air pockets so it “breathes”, unlike man-made fibres. This air movement encourages healthier blood circulation in the body. It helps a person maintain a more comfortable body temperature – neither too hot nor too cold. It wicks away moisture and is naturally resistant to molds, mildew and dust mites.

And… Canadian Medical Sheepskins from Topsy Farms are WASHABLE.

Areas that are lightly soiled can be sponged off and dried with a towel. It may also be machine washed with care, following our washing instructions, preferably using Eucalan. A final brushing will fluff it up to its previous beauty and resilience.

These sheepskins have also been used for sitting comfort in wheelchairs or on motorcycles, snowmobiles, tractors, cars and trucks, recliners and couches. They are also enjoyed by well-loved dogs.

A Topsy customer recommends our medical sheepskins.

Over the past 15 years, I have had many opportunities to purchase medical sheepskins from Topsy Farms. They have brought comfort and ease to people who were struggling with their health, and were amazing at preventing bed sores and providing cushioning while keeping people at a comfortable temperature. The sheepskins are easy to care for and easy to use. As beautiful as they are comforting, I would recommend the use of Topsy Farms sheepskins to anyone who has a loved one who is required to stay in bed for long periods of time or who suffers from pain-related illnesses, and for those who are in need of palliative care.

Wool Bedding Promotes Sleep

Sleeping on wool bedding, cotton-covered, is as close to sleeping on a cloud as you’re ever likely to experience.

Why does wool bedding help you sleep?

  • cool in summer, warm in winter
  • hypoallergenic; chemical-free
  • natural resilience gives cushiony comfort
 Wool Bedding (pillows, mattress pads and comforters) promotes sleep

Wool Bedding at at Topsy Farms’ Wool Shed

It has such a natural resilience, that it does its own fluffing. All the fibres trap masses of air pockets making the insulation factor amazing. Somehow, wool keeps you cooler in summer (akin to switching to a cotton instead of nylon shirt). It breathes. It also wicks moisture away from a person’s body – no sweaty boggy feel. It is gently warm in winter, not requiring many layers or the press of weight. Each of those characteristics in our wool bedding promotes sleep.

The cotton covering is unbleached, with a thread count of approximately 200. It is cotton “sheeting” which breathes better than ticking (a higher thread count.) It provides the casing for the pillows, mattress pads and comforters.

Cotton-covered Wool Mattress Pad promotes sleep

Cotton-covered Wool Mattress Pad

The wool bedding uses prairie wool, cleaned without using sulphuric acid, fire retardant or bug repellant.

There is no need for that toxic stuff.

The natural lanolin that remains in the wool after washing acts as a deterrent to dust mites and other microscopic ‘critturs’ that can proliferate in bedding. An added bonus is that wool is fire resistant – you can’t burn it. It is also hypoallergenic, and as renewable a resource as you could get. Topsy Farms is able to offer a special service of vinegar rinsing products for people with extreme sensitivities.

Instead of sleeping on a petroleum by-product as in all artificial fibres, your body will relax into sleep more readily if sleeping on an unbleached cotton-covered wool mattress pad.  Just click for more details or to purchase this on line.  The mattress pad has been stitched in such a way that the wool cannot shift, even after many washings. The wide elastics firmly stitched at the corners keep the mattress pad in place.

A high density wool pillow interior - the bedding promotes sleep

A cross-section of a high density wool pillow interior

 Cotton-Covered Wool Pillows promote sleep

Two standard-sized, Cotton-covered Wool Pillows









Then at the Topsy on-line store, add to your cart the pleasure of a cotton-covered wool pillow. For a comfortable sleep you need to be able to keep your spine aligned when on your side, with your neck not pushed up or sagging down. Topsy has two choices of density for those with big shoulders or for those who prefer a firmer feel. Both are available in Queen as well as Standard dimensions too.

Then top it off with a cotton-covered wool comforter  also at the store. The comforter is comfortably warm, but not hot or sweaty. The amount of wool has been determined as the ideal volume to drape over you softly. Any more filling would make it stiffer, creating cold air pockets.
All these products are washable, using Eucalan and Topsy’s  “Care and Feeding” instructions .

A great sleep is a gift.

Unusual Uses For Wool

Just wearing your sweater, you know that wool keeps you warm. Sheepskin and wool have been used for warmth as long as sheep and people have been around. Wikipedia says “Sheep wool is a natural, sustainable, renewable, theoretically recyclable and totally biodegradable material that does not endanger the health of people or the environment.” Sheepskins add beauty and comfort and can be healing for poorly sleeping infants or bedridden sufferers. These uses for wool are familiar.

Here are a few less usual ways that wool is being used…

Wool is an ideal natural mulch. At Topsy Farms we have an excess of ‘belly wool’ which contains too much dirt, chaff and fecal matter to process for yarn. However, it is ideal to use as mulch around the base of trees and shrubs. It is porous and cooling for plant roots yet impervious to weeds. As a side benefit, the birds in our area often use bits of this mulch to line their nests. They know a good thing when they see/feel it.

Ontario Local Lamb 1 Ontario Local Lamb 2

Tri-Art Audio in Kingston uses our wool for audio insulation in amplifiers and speakers. Their website says: “Wool is an ideal vehicle to dampen out sound. Tri-Art Audio blocks use local, 100% natural sheep wool to control sound frequencies in the cavities of the blocks and the Tuned Acoustic Damper.”

insulating with wool batts from Living RoomsWikipedia again: “Sheep wool is a natural insulator because it has a crimped nature which traps air in millions of tiny pockets.” At Living Rooms in Kingston sheep’s wool is available for buildings in batts, rolls, loose fill, rope for around windows and for use in log homes. Since wool is a natural insulator, wool is also used extensively in yurts in western Canada. It beats the toxicity of fiberglass or caulking and presents no danger to the installer.



Ontario Local Lamb 4Andrea Graham is a felt maker and fibre artist in Odessa, gaining world-wide fame with her wool felted creations. She uses Topsy washed and carded wool among other sources.


Pure wool felts beautifully.  Topsy Wool Shed carries environmentally recommended felted wool dryer balls, hats and purses.

One of our lamb customers has a daschund with damaged hips from too much joyful jumping so he has lived in a wheelchair for the past 5 years. Dominic is now far more comfortable with his chair padded with sheepskin.

Ontario Local Lamb 5


Most dogs love sleeping on sheepskin dog beds, they find them cozy and the wool doesn’t hold moisture the way alternatives do, so odor causing bacteria can’t thrive. Cotton-encased wool mattress pads, comforters and pillows offer the same lofty, supportive comfort to people too.

Wool enhances all our lives!

Topsy Farms is located on scenic Amherst Island, west of Kingston, in Lake Ontario. Our sheep farm has been owned and operated for over 35 years by 5 shareholders, and involves 3 generations of the Murray family. Our flock of about 2500 sheep graze on tree-shaded pastures, protected by over 20 miles of fence and numerous guard dogs. Natural farming methods without spraying pesticides, or using growth hormones, chemicals, or animal by-products, produce animals of the highest quality.
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