Daycare visit. Can you find the lamb?


Topsy Farms welcomes visitors year ’round to our special events.

We’ll often have groups of photographers, cyclists, people who craft, seniors and daycare groups reserve time to visit with us.

Because we’re farmers, our Wool Shed is open 365 days of the year, 8 am to 5 pm.

To encourage people to discover us, we offer special events, especially in spring. We ask you to book your time to ensure you have enough time and space for your family to enjoy.


Young helper packs a wool bag




Shearing this year, takes place April 21st and 22nd, 2018, upstairs in our barn. No fee is requested but you must book a time to ensure viewing pleasure and safety.


2 Canadian babies meet


Nurture Lambs during our lambing season, mid-May through early June. We occasionally ‘rescue’ lambs who need special care – often the smallest of triplets or quads. They are bottle fed and cuddled and the public is invited to participate, but must reserve a time. The fee is $15/family or carload for a 15 minute time period. More time may be available on weekdays. Time holding a young lamb can be deeply comforting. Please car pool at the ferry.

EventsAdopt a foster lamb. This is a way for individuals, families or school classes to relate to an individual animal, to name it, and to visit as often as they wish while the lamb is on the farm. This supports the farm’s efforts to take care of its most vulnerable animals. The information about adopting a lamb is available here.


Enjoying each other





Most of the young lambs ‘graduate’ to small farms where they will be cared for and raised on pasture.

Two of the lambs will stay at Topsy Farms for the summer. Visitors come to the Wool Shed to discover our wool product treasures.  While here, they are welcome to walk the lambs on a leash, give them a bottle or hand feed them.

It is wise when making a special trip to contact us first: or 613 389-3444/888 287-3157