hypoallergenic sheepskins

The sheepskins are working. The twins are sleeping way better

The sheepskins are working. The twins are sleeping way better

Sheepskin-lined crib

One of the twins, sleeping soundly

One of the twins, sleeping soundly

If it was not for teething right now, I am more than sure that they would be sleeping through the night. I seriously cannot believe the difference and I am so grateful that I can now get sleep myself. What a change! Well worth the money, and my only regret is not trying this sooner!

The honey is delicious, and I have not tried the yarn yet but hope to very soon.”

Shannon sounded very desperate when she phoned Topsy Farms with questions. Exhaustion will cause that. A little while after receiving two medical trimmed sheepskins, she wrote the above message.

Shannon, Ontario, March, 2016. Get your very own sheepskins here!


Know babies with sleep issues? We do. We’ve been there. We’ve found a way to help babies with sleep issues.

Babies with sleep issues

Mable’s skin feels good on her lambskin

So often the restless sleeps of babies result from discomfort, inside and out.

One reason is that there are usually so many plastic and rubber and other artificial fibres in a baby’s world. Those materials inhibit temperature regulation, and natural circulation. Anyone who has worn a nylon shirt in the heat, then changed to a cotton one, understands this.

Artificial materials, often petroleum byproduct derivatives, may also be a source of allergens.

Lambskins and sheepskins are hypoallergenic.

Babies with sleep issues

Nico sits propped up in his baby seat

The natural fibres of lamb and sheepskins help the skin breathe.

Wool traps air and has a lofty, supportive resilience, helping babies with sleep issues.

Our grandson would sleep but not deeply, startling awake easily. His mom started using one of our lambskins and noticed an almost immediate difference in his deeper, more relaxed sleep. On the occasional night when the lambskin was missing – air drying after washing – the baby’s sleep was noticeably worse.

Babies with sleep issues

Nico’s first daytime nap on his lambskin

One friend and good customer wrote: “Nico is now 6 months and has just started to nap regularly. For the first few months the collicky and incredibly light-sleeping redhead would only sleep during the day while we wore him.

Recently I have started to be able to put him down while he slept…but only if it’s on the sheepskin or lambskin. I think it’s because it’s so soft and warm that he won’t be startled when his head or cheek lays on it.”

Lambskins are easy to move to strollers, car seats, or to visit Nana, taking familiar comfort with a mobile child.

Babies with sleep issues

Sonya’s black lambskin fits her stroller perfectly

An important factor for new parents is that Topsy Farms lambskins and sheepskins are entirely washable – if you follow our instructions. Just soaking in Eucalan in a washing machine, skipping the rinse, spinning, then air drying actually nourishes the fibres, softening the leather and increasing the comfort.

Babies with sleep issues

Nico naps soundly on a sheepskin




We wish we’d had Topsy Farms lambskins when our kids were little.

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