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Want to host a kids party – animals and action? Learning by doing!

Kids party - animals and action

Feeding a baby lamb

Small animals to cuddle! Space to play! Boat ride! Picnic! How can you beat that?

Enjoy an outdoor venue at Topsy Farms in spring. Children can visit shearing in March or April (specific days only) or play with baby lambs, romping and bottle-feeding the weakest babies rescued from the fields in May and early June.

Two young lambs at the kids party – animals and action – will feed from hands or walk on a leash.

Kids party - animals and action

picnic shelter

On weekdays from May 16 – June 3 every year, small groups are welcome to organize a party to help nurture our most vulnerable lambs, rescued from the fields. (Weekends are for families to visit lambs; too busy for parties). We have indoor and outdoor spaces so rain or shine your families and friends can have a good time.

Our new Adopt a Lamb program has already provided unusual birthday gifts. That present includes a photo of the lamb, a choice of its name, and information about the lamb’s needs and future.

Kids party - animals and action

Twins birthday party

We hosted a birthday party for 2 year old twins during shearing. A small day care, a group of home-school families, and Derby Girl families have come for picnics and play.

The twins family said:”The entire team at Topsy Turvey was wonderful from start to finish. Planning our daughters second birthday celebration was easy and execution was seamless. An afternoon on the farm was a wonderful way for us to include all ages of family and friends and learn while we were there too! Everyone had a great time seeing the sheep, learning about shearing, riding the ferry, and enjoying snacks and outdoor fun!”

Medically-challenged individuals with families can be welcomed.

If you want your kids to have their party on Topsy’s Sheep Farm, we request:
• a high proportion of adults to children
• a maximum of 10 children to ensure quality hands-on experience
• casual country clothes and thinking
• you bring and take all food and beverages and serving requirements. (A neighbour on Amherst Island take orders for cakes; enquire of us.)

fee to be discussed.

Kids party - animals and action

Exploring the Wool Shed treats

The ferry leaves once an hour on the HALF hour and costs $9/vehicle. You’ll leave the farm a little after the half hour to catch the return ferry ON THE HOUR.

Our Wool Shed will be open while you are here, with all these products and many additional hand-crafted items for adults and children.

Guaranteed your special people will have a joyful experience they’ll remember.

Family Outing to Topsy Farms

Come celebrate spring with a family outing to Topsy Farms. We are on Amherst Island near Kingston – take a ferry ride to arrive at a vital community and a thriving rural adventure-filled farm.

Following the rhythms of the season, our sheep were bred during the late winter. Now they need to be shorn in April for their health and the safety of their lambs.

yarn, wool and sheepskin products on display

Interior of the Wool Shed at Topsy Farms

Their fleeces contribute to the amazing range of wool products available at The Wool Shed at our farm.

For a full range of our products visit our on-line store.

We enjoy making people welcome on our farm, but we need to know when you are coming in advance. Please call or email.


Enjoy a family outing to Topsy Farms to watch shearing.

a hearer removing fleece from ewe

Don Metherall shearing at Topsy Farms

  • Monday & Tuesday, April 20th & 21st
  • children welcome; no pets
  • reservations in advance required: / 888 287-3157 see Contact Us
  • no fee


Then in May, the lambs are born directly on pasture – hundreds of them. Occasionally there are birthing or parenting problems, but we rescue those in peril. We have an orphan lamb program, bottle-feeding and nurturing lambs before they move to small farms to be raised.



You are invited to a family outing to Topsy Farms to visit orphan lambs

  • mid-May through early June
  • children encouraged; pets not invited
  • wear casual clothes and ensure cameras are ready
  • $10/family or carload
  • reservations in advance required: / 888 287-3157 see Contact Us

    A woman, lamb and child, snuggling

    Happy Family and lamb cuddle

Nous vous invitons à communiquer avec nous en français à, ou par téléphone: 1-888-287-3157. Demandez à parler à Sally.