wool pillows

Dreaming about Wool Pillows

Wool Pillows enhance sleep. There are lots of reasons for that claim:

• Wool breathes. It traps lots of air, so it is actually cooler in summer as well as warmer in winter. It helps the body temperature stay at a comfort level, unlike fibrefill or other artificial petroleum industry by-products.
• Washed wool fibres have a tremendous resilience – a ‘boingability’ to coin a phrase. It naturally rebounds to its own shape, so it doesn’t need constant fluffing.
• The lanolin in wool actually repels dust mites, unlike feathers.
• Wool pillows are hypoallergenic.
• Sheep fleece is also fireproof. It will not burn. Hopefully that will never be important to our pillow customers.

Our wool pillows are also washable. No need for dry cleaning.

Dreaming about Wool Pillows

Wool pillows are really natural

Wool pillows are natural; renewable.

It is vital for body comfort to choose a pillow that is the right density. When lying on your side, your neck should be supported sufficiently so that your head neither sags down nor is pushed up.

Choose between a standard or firm wool pillow, depending mainly on the size of  your shoulder.

Dreaming about Wool Pillows

Choose a pillow that keeps your spine straight

Your spine should lie in a straight line when sleeping on your side.

Wool pillows also come in 2 dimensions, both standard and Queen size.
A choice for all!

Our customers certainly agree:

Lisa: “I was looking have more natural products in my everyday life esp. while sleeping and to help with eczema problems around the ears. I am allergic to (chemically processed) wool but in my research, wool without pesticides and more natural wool would not affect me so I gave it a try. These worked great! My eczema was gone because the wool was breathable and it was very comfortable. I use the wool wash that I bought as well since there was a bit of a smell when the products arrive. But after washing it, it was fine. I’m glad I took the risk and bought these. Will buy more products from Topsy Farms down the road. Thanks so much for offering such quality products!”

Jen: “You can feel the difference from the standard, some nights you just need that little extra bit of fluff! Best pillows ever, so comfortable. Amazing service as well.”

Honey-Lee: “I have been using a Topsy Farms standard wool pillow for 2 years now. It is the best pillow I’ve used after many years of trying and discarding various types. It is a great all-round pillow for someone who rotates from side to back through the night. It does not get too hot in summer and to refresh it, I will either put it in the dryer for a bit in winter or lay it on my lavender plants in summer. Wool also is a more humane filling. Down pillows are most often made using down that is live-plucked from geese and ducks, causing them great distress, and let’s not even talk about synthetic! I would highly recommend bedding from Topsy Farm, which by the way is just across the lake from my house, so very local.”

Àngela: “So happy with our pillows! We’ve had them for about 6 weeks now and love them. We have them on each bed and we sleep so well. My 6 year old has asthma and allergies and simply changing his pillow has made a huge difference. We will certainly be investing in more wool bedding soon. Also, the customer service has been kind and wonderful. I look forward to trying to make time to visit Sally and the farm with my family.”

Ruth: “Have struggled with pillows and this wool pillow is ideal! Fantastic. Soft enough and yet firm enough for support. No more allergy headaches either.”

Mona: “I bought these pillows and my kids absolutely love them! They felt the difference from down/synthetic pillows and only want to use the wool ones now. Very happy with this product!”

Greg: “This pillow is exactly as described, a simple wool filled pillow with cotton covering. None of the frills that I find too many pillows today suffer from, just a soft wool pillow that helps me get to sleep at night.”

Jen: “Can’t decide which pillow I like best so I have a standard and a firm and I switch them up depending. LOVE them both!!!!”

Bethany: “I love my new pillow! So soft, yet still supportive (I got the regular fill). I could smell the faint scent of animal, but I like it, it’s natural. It feels good to know that I’m resting on and breathing something that is healthy. I look forward to being able to order more of these pillows and other bedding. I think one of my little dogs wants to sleep on this pillow, as well. I may need to order another one sooner than expected.”

Asel: “I bought two of these pillows. They are wonderful. The big thing for me that they are hypoallergenic.”

Mayo: “I gave my daughter the gift of a wool pillow from Topsy. I offered to do the same for her husband, who was not at all interested. He was skeptical that a wool pillow would be comfortable, cool in summer, etc. Within a few weeks he was ‘stealing’ her pillow! I remedied the situation by getting him one of his own. Now there’s pillow peace.”

Sweet dreams.


Wool Bedding Promotes Sleep

Sleeping on wool bedding, cotton-covered, is as close to sleeping on a cloud as you’re ever likely to experience.

Why does wool bedding help you sleep?

  • cool in summer, warm in winter
  • hypoallergenic; chemical-free
  • natural resilience gives cushiony comfort
 Wool Bedding (pillows, mattress pads and comforters) promotes sleep

Wool Bedding at at Topsy Farms’ Wool Shed

It has such a natural resilience, that it does its own fluffing. All the fibres trap masses of air pockets making the insulation factor amazing. Somehow, wool keeps you cooler in summer (akin to switching to a cotton instead of nylon shirt). It breathes. It also wicks moisture away from a person’s body – no sweaty boggy feel. It is gently warm in winter, not requiring many layers or the press of weight. Each of those characteristics in our wool bedding promotes sleep.

The cotton covering is unbleached, with a thread count of approximately 200. It is cotton “sheeting” which breathes better than ticking (a higher thread count.) It provides the casing for the pillows, mattress pads and comforters.

Cotton-covered Wool Mattress Pad promotes sleep

Cotton-covered Wool Mattress Pad

The wool bedding uses prairie wool, cleaned without using sulphuric acid, fire retardant or bug repellant.

There is no need for that toxic stuff.

The natural lanolin that remains in the wool after washing acts as a deterrent to dust mites and other microscopic ‘critturs’ that can proliferate in bedding. An added bonus is that wool is fire resistant – you can’t burn it. It is also hypoallergenic, and as renewable a resource as you could get. Topsy Farms is able to offer a special service of vinegar rinsing products for people with extreme sensitivities.

Instead of sleeping on a petroleum by-product as in all artificial fibres, your body will relax into sleep more readily if sleeping on an unbleached cotton-covered wool mattress pad.  Just click for more details or to purchase this on line.  The mattress pad has been stitched in such a way that the wool cannot shift, even after many washings. The wide elastics firmly stitched at the corners keep the mattress pad in place.

A high density wool pillow interior - the bedding promotes sleep

A cross-section of a high density wool pillow interior

 Cotton-Covered Wool Pillows promote sleep

Two standard-sized, Cotton-covered Wool Pillows









Then at the Topsy on-line store, add to your cart the pleasure of a cotton-covered wool pillow. For a comfortable sleep you need to be able to keep your spine aligned when on your side, with your neck not pushed up or sagging down. Topsy has two choices of density for those with big shoulders or for those who prefer a firmer feel. Both are available in Queen as well as Standard dimensions too.

Then top it off with a cotton-covered wool comforter  also at the store. The comforter is comfortably warm, but not hot or sweaty. The amount of wool has been determined as the ideal volume to drape over you softly. Any more filling would make it stiffer, creating cold air pockets.
All these products are washable, using Eucalan and Topsy’s  “Care and Feeding” instructions .

A great sleep is a gift.

Nous vous invitons à communiquer avec nous en français à info@topsyfarms.com, ou par téléphone: 1-888-287-3157. Demandez à parler à Sally.