“This year, I took my synthetic down comforter out of the closet to put on my bed for winter and noticed a terrible smell coming from it. My comforter was off-gassing STILL after almost 10 years of use. I decided it was time to look for a natural alternative. I had read about wool and knew that it is naturally flame retardant and that it keeps your body comfortable throughout the night and does not overheat you. I searched for weeks to find an online store to purchase a natural wool blanket from that would be free of chemicals and dyes. I finally found the website for Topsy Farms, located in Ontario, Canada! When I called to ask about their blankets, the owners could not have been more pleasant and helpful. I ordered 2 queen sized natural wool blankets and much to my surprise, they were at my door within days of placing the order. The blankets are gorgeous! I ordered natural tweed and natural with a gray stripe. My son took the tweed blanket and has been sleeping much more comfortably with it on his bed. My husband and I have the natural blanket and can feel the difference wool makes—no more sweating at night.

I don’t always take the time to endorse the people and products that I enjoy, but I feel it is important to support the people at Topsy Farms. They are hard-working, honest people who deliver a beautiful natural wool blanket without the chemicals. I would highly recommend their natural wool blankets for a wonderful night’s sleep!”
– Jan, Chicago, U.S.A., December, 2014

I would highly recommend their natural wool blankets for a wonderful night’s sleep!

Natural Wool Blankets