The sheepskins are working. The twins are sleeping way better

Sheepskin-lined crib

One of the twins, sleeping soundly

One of the twins, sleeping soundly

The Sheepskins are working. The twins are sleeping! If it was not for teething right now, I am more than sure that they would be sleeping through the night. I seriously cannot believe the difference and I am so grateful that I can now get sleep myself. What a change! Well worth the money, and my only regret is not trying this sooner!

The honey is delicious, and I have not tried the yarn yet but hope to very soon.”

Shannon sounded very desperate when she phoned Topsy Farms with questions. Exhaustion will cause that. A little while after receiving two medical trimmed sheepskins, she wrote the above message.

Shannon, Ontario, March, 2016. Get your very own sheepskins here!