Welcome to the Wool Shed

The Wool Shed is our farm retail outlet where all the products listed in “Shopping”, hypoallergenic wool bedding – blankets, throws, comforters, pillows, mattress pads – are to be found.  We also have washed wool, roving, pencil roving, yarn, and lots of creative felted, thrummed and knitted items.  You can find our ethically produced sheepskins and lambskins and items made from them too.

We carry a selection of frozen lamb as well. If there’s a particular cut you’re interested in, you’re invited to call ahead and see what we have in stock.  

There is a doorbell at the Wool Shed that rings in the house. If we are home, (and awake) we are open.


It is worth the drive to find us.  Amherst Island is a beautiful place to visit – it retains a definite rural character that is becoming increasingly rare. It is not necessary to make an appointment but we do recommend you contact us in advance as we are a working farm.


The original milk house/ice house served as our Wool Shed for many years. It had previously been a farm shop, a mini production factory creating candles and turning tin cans into candle-holders. The shed’s next job was to be home to Kyle’s band for his high-school years. Pine siding from our own trees cover the outside. The inside was renovated: fresh paint to cover the band’s “decorations”, bright lights, laminated flooring and display areas. The interior was designed and built by our family. Now road widening required its removal.


Nothing daunted, our family managed to build a new one with much support from friends and neighbours.


We are proud of our Wool Shed. It is a cozy shop where you can feel and see the products first hand.  We offer a wide selection of hand-crafted items that are not on the web-site – hats of various styles and colours, thrum products, felted products, hand-knit socks, purses, and wool dryer balls.


If you are seeking Topsy Farms products near you, consult our Shop Near You listings.


However, if a road trip appeals to you, perhaps in spring when we offer special shearing or lambing events, do come and visit our Wool Shed.