Pure wool blankets and other products from a Canadian family farm. Ethically produced, sustainable, washable wool lasts a lifetime.

Wool is 100% renewable. All products sold online and at The Wool Shed are 100% Canadian, with craft products made using Topsy Farm’s sustainably produced natural wool. And here are another 7 reasons to buy Topsy Farms’ all-natural wool & lamb products:

Grass-Fed, Hormone-Free Lamb. No broadcast pesticides, growth hormones, chemicals or animal by-products are used in Topsys’ 100% Ontario lamb. Top quality. Great taste. Since 1976.

Eco-conscious shoppers can help take care of the land, support and buy tastier, sustainable lamb at lower than retail rates.

Keep your infant safe and comfortable with ethically-produced, unbleached washable Canadian wool products.

Pressure-Sore Prevention: Enjoy the comfort of densely resilient, soft, washable sheepskins.

Stay warm when wet: Topsy Farm’s 100% Canadian naturally produced chemical-free wool is water-resistant and lacks that “scratchy wool” feeling.

Sleep better. Wool blankets and cotton-encased wool bedding regulate body temperature and moisture while sleeping. They are washable and last for years.

Cozy for pets: You won’t get moulds, dust-mites or that “wet dog” smell in this bacteria-free, no-smell, moisture-wicking wool dog bed.

Don’t miss out on the fresh lamb meat season (November through March), with Kingston, Ottawa, Toronto fresh-frozen lamb deliveries.

Stay in touch with Amherst Island’s vibrant rural community for sheep shearing, lamb fostering, and other unusual family outings, too. Know someone who is interested – Tweet us!

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